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Where to find us in Paris

La Librairie des Arts.jpg

La Librairie des Arts

La Librairie des Arts is a magnet for art lovers, who are attracted as much for the serendipitous encounters as for its selection of art and design publications that come hot off the press.

Le Royal Monceau Raffles

37 Avenue Hoche

75008 Paris


107 Rivoli.jpg

107 Rivoli 

Furthering the eternal dialogue between the beautiful and the useful, 107RIVOLI is the Parisian showcase for the decorative arts.

Musée des Arts Décoratifs 

107 Rue de Rivoli

75001 Paris


About Apricate Books

Does food taste better if it comes with a story?

Are intellectuals smarter when sitting in a Parisian café?

Why do grapes thrive on the knife's edge? 


Apricate Books is about exploring the interconnected nature of our existence. Through books, films and online conversations, we aim to share thoughts and observations that provoke questions, reflection and conversation about what makes us and our world tick.


Creative tensions that motivate our work:


Instance vs. Context: Light gains meaning from darkness; big from small; present from past. So we place things in context and in multiple contexts, to expose a multiplicity of perspectives. 


One Hero vs. Community: It is tempting to focus on the hero’s story but no hero walks alone. So we shine a light on the friends—and foes—whose footsteps, together with the hero’s, mark out the path forward.


Strong Stories vs. Open endings: Linearity is comforting but life is not. So we craft narratives that are multi-layered webs, where unexpected connections reveal themselves and every story opens up more questions instead of wrapping everything up in a neat bow.


Our values:


Intellect, Emotion, and a Hug!

Sunbathing by Britney Gill.jpg

We absolutely love this picture by the super talented photographer Britney Gill. Check out her light-filled world on




1. (intransitive): to sunbathe or bask in the sun

2. (transitive): to expose to sunlight


From Latin apricus (“sunny, having lots of sunshine; warmed by the sun”)

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